Sumbangan Tulisan Hidayat - 19 April 2018 1081


Divisi Keilmuan PPI Universiti Malaya

The Government of Indonesia continually strives to increase the frequency, productivity, and welfare of the people who become Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) through various policy programs. Nowadays, the students who are from University of Malaya discussed the welfare of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia. There are several arguments which they proposed in the group of discussion forum. Numerous problems are from the people itself, the government policy, and the agency. However, the students also provide some possible opinions which they thought it will solve the problems of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Malaysia.

On the one hand, there are a number of problems to be highlighted as the possible reasons of Indonesian Migrant Workers. Corruption as the first reason, many cases related to corruption in the implementation and the field, it is ranging from recruitment, document creation, placement, until the crossing back. In addition, many unexpected activities and costs including from training costs, training hours, quality of training does not match the costs incurred. The second reason is the complicated procedure. It can be said the complicated procedure means the migrant workers cannot affair their document by themselves, so they ought to ask the agency for serving them in terms of documents preparation and other things. Moreover, lack of information is also the problem of migrant workers. Although the information can be reached from the internet, some of them do not care about it. The possible reason is from their habit and their environment. In this case, only a few people knowing the technology which can gain many pieces of information happened. Some people do not operate the advance of technology because they come from rural areas as well as they do not have the higher background of education. Poor mindset, as the final problem. The immigrant workers though if they do not have any documents and if they do not follow the government’s policy, they will be fine later on when they stay abroad. Although they can pass to the other counties by the agency, they will gain the serious problems in the future about legalizations. 

On the other hand, some feasible opinions are provided to solve the aforementioned problems. Increasing the transparency system in terms of migrant workers affair. It is believed that the government has the good policy for migrant workers, but little bit problem is about transparency system. They have to give broad information anything related to the immigrant workers to the public. For example, people can access the information by the special website, so they can understand well the way government work. The second reason is to simplify the procedure or make it slimmer. People nowadays will only take the easiest way when they would like to do everything, as a brief example here is that the government should provide an online way the way people make new passport or visa. It is because, in the certain place, people should come to early morning for making passport while they have other activities. So, it is better if the government apply the queue procedure in online mode rather than come to the immigration office in the early morning and it is not guaranteed that the process will be done at the same day. Last but not least, as the student, we have to spread the pieces of information if we know about it. The more information which is given to the society the better understanding of procedures or information related to the working in abroad.

In conclusion, it is understood that the welfare of immigrant workers should be supported by some areas including government, people itself, and other people which have the influence of migrant workers.