AYC 2018 Rezzy Eko Caraka - 22 Maret 2018
CALL FOR PAPER ASEAN YOUTH CONFERENCE 2018 OUTLINE: Indonesian Student Association in Malaysia (PPI-Malaysia) is a non-profit organization where young Indonesians who are currently studying in Malaysia are gathered. By raising the jargon for “DEDICATION, SINERGY, HONOURS". PPI-Malaysia believes that Indonesian students outside the country must be able to adapt to changes in global but at the same time should not bleed regarding identity as an Indonesian.  Being students in the ASEAN region, PPI-Malaysia members get to interact with other ASEAN students in various activities. Realizing the rapid development in Southeast Asia, PPIM thinks that our youth should be able to dig out the best potential for us as the future generation before and can adapt in all terrain we will encounter later. In brief, PPI-Malaysia will be holding “AYC 2018: ASEAN AMONG GREAT POWERS INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4.0”. To invite ASEAN youth to respond to the problems that are an